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G19 Elite 01-09-2010 17:46

BCM Gunfighter on SBR
I am about to start building an SBR and was wondering if anyone is currently running a Gunfighter on their SBR. How is it with the gas blowback? I have the Gunfighter on my 16" and love it but want to go with the PRI Gasbuster if the Gunfighter doesn't do anything for stopping the blowback.

faawrenchbndr 01-09-2010 17:55

Take a look at this,.....

Javelin 01-09-2010 18:06

I have zero blowback or malfunctions with my 10.5" shorty while shooting w/ an M4-2000 suppressor because of this

Chuck TX 01-10-2010 13:49


Originally Posted by faawrenchbndr (Post 14512139)

That's what I've been doing. Best of both worlds, BCM gf ch that's a gasbuster, but the BCM + Permatex is cheaper than the PRI.

HOSTIL1 01-10-2010 16:57

I use the RTV and it works great. I use Black though,,, lol.

faawrenchbndr 01-10-2010 16:59


Originally Posted by HOSTIL1 (Post 14518763)
I use the RTV and it works great. I use Black though,,, lol.

So have I,.....USMC03 stated he used red since it would photograph better.

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