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Coogan 01-09-2010 18:13

Old US Glock Product Flyer
I do not know how old this is. I got it from a gunshop that I helped close after the owner passed away - he had been in business since before GCA '68. So far I have only the front and back pages scanned. The middle portion is tri-fold so I need to clip them together via software and that will take some time.

Coogan 01-09-2010 18:29

Here is a later, yet still old, Glock product brochure:

Coogan 01-10-2010 08:19

The forum limits me to 5 pics per post, so here is the last part of the first flyer and some crops of interesting stuff:

Note this is an Austrian P80 and not a commercial G17, yet they used it in the flyer:

Early G17, note the rear sight:

Early G17 field stripped, note the early non-captured recoil assembly and the magazine:

Early Glock patch:

Glockdude1 01-10-2010 08:36

Mas Ayoob was young once!! :supergrin:

Butch 01-10-2010 16:25


Originally Posted by Coogan (Post 14515717)

Nice thread!

I have one of those rear sights on my AF G17 too..... :)

Can you by chance read the serial number prefix and date code on this G17 from the actual flyer?

Coogan 01-11-2010 14:10

I tried to make out the prefix but was unable to. Lots of eye candy for collectors like us though!

m4arc 01-11-2010 15:53

Very, very cool! Thanks for taking the time to share this with us.

MarioS 01-12-2010 18:52

That's pretty neat.

glockrace 01-24-2010 08:34

I have a brochure similar to the one in post #2 but it may be a little older where as it isnt as fancy and it has a price list inside:

Michael Savage 02-17-2010 01:19

I so want one of those Glock knives now...Glock 78 and 81!

jarubla 02-17-2010 19:58


Originally Posted by Coogan (Post 14524440)
I tried to make out the prefix but was unable to.

Looks like SB457xx to me?


Coogan 02-21-2010 19:35


Originally Posted by jarubla (Post 14779349)
Looks like SB457xx to me?


SB prefix would be non-Austrian proofed 2nd Gen. Way too late for this flyer.

jarubla 02-23-2010 14:39

What is the flyer year? 88? Earlier?

The SB is 1991ish?

Perhaps a CH? Would fit the date and type (after a review of the Serial number research project). That first serial number sure looks like an s. Or a b.

LOL, you did mention that you scanned it in, is the original any clearer?

Thanks for sharing


feathers73 02-23-2010 19:11

is there a way you could convert that flyer to a pdf document and make it available?

gunlove 10-05-2010 13:48

1st Gen Glock 19

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