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HogGlocker 01-09-2010 18:25

Feel Like I stole a KAC RAS M4 today
NIB at the gunshow for $139.00, all accessories.

I was amazed at such a phenomenal price. Found within the first ten minutes in the show.

There were other identical KAC rails but next closest price was $160 followed by a few dealers with just the rail and 3 panels alone for $225.

Anyhow, we have these in the MIL.....sure fits my M&P nice though....super tight lock up, easy install.

I was tickled. You guys seeing those prices elsewhere?


faawrenchbndr 01-09-2010 19:00

Was looking at a brand new KAC M4 RAS for my Colt M4.
Rails, four covers and a VFG was $156,.....and I thought THAT was a great price!

You nearly stole it! :thumbsup:

HogGlocker 01-09-2010 19:09

Ha.....correct you are ... nearly;)

This was the rails, 9 covers, VFG and little roll up sleeve pouch thingy that comes with the M4 RAS...I snatched that up off the table so fast it made my buddies head spin....

$156 ain't bad either though.

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