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RWBlue 01-11-2010 20:21

Going price for
What is the going price for:
Registered reciever full auto, AR-15, not a special collector, just a shooter

Registered reciever, full auto UZI, 9mm

r2kba 01-12-2010 20:51

It's easy to go to and look it up.

RWBlue 01-12-2010 21:48


Originally Posted by r2kba (Post 14533709)
It's easy to go to and look it up.

Thank you, I wasn't thinking.

UZIFORME 01-13-2010 00:11

about 10k

r2kba 01-13-2010 13:08


Originally Posted by UZIFORME (Post 14534949)
about 10k

Yeah the last price I saw on the boards was 15

mboylan 01-14-2010 16:30

AR15 RRs are about 11K.

UZIs are about 7K.

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