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Jack Knife 01-14-2010 16:45

Thoughts wanted
On this load for my 26,

124 gr Rainier RN

4.3 gr Unique

1.150 col

Loaded 1/2 dozen.pretty soft,cycled slide .No fail to feed or fire. No pressure signs. Anything I should know or change with this load? Thanks

dudel 01-14-2010 16:50

So how does it group?

WiskyT 01-14-2010 16:57

If you are going to load that light you should give some thought to using lead bullets.

GioaJack 01-14-2010 16:59


Originally Posted by dudel (Post 14545381)
So how does it group?

Pretty much like all other ammo... in a box, standing on end, side by side. Gee, I thought everyone knew that. :whistling:


Jack Knife 01-14-2010 17:06

LOL Jack

I didnt try shooting at targets just made sure it cycled.

whisky.....want are you getting at?

kjm1016 01-14-2010 17:32

My load listing shows a 125 gr. lead bullet ahead of 4.4 gr.s of Unique, sparked by a standard(CCI500) primer. Gives about 990 fps-very consistant and quite accurate depending on the gun. A light load, reasonable for practice, but not a serious load. Have you checked a current reloading manual? If your source for reloading data is "Glock Talk", you're doing it wrong.

fredj338 01-14-2010 17:33


Originally Posted by Jack Knife (Post 14545489)
LOL Jack

I didnt try shooting at targets just made sure it cycled.

whisky.....want are you getting at?

That load is likely not breaking 950fps. I am surprised you get reliable feeding. At that vel. you could shoot lead bullets.

WiskyT 01-14-2010 17:42

My biggest concern with that load is getting a bullet stuck in the bore. Alliant lists a max as 5.8 with a 124 Gold Dot which is a plated bullet:

1.12 4 CCI 500 Unique 5.8 1,180

The plating on the bulet will likely act like a jacketed bullet in terms of friction in the barrel.

The start load would be a 10% reduction. 4.3 is a 25% reduction. Lead bullets are much more forgiving and better for light loads.

Jack Knife 01-14-2010 17:54

OK Thanks for the info.

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