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Aedrick 01-15-2010 23:34

Will the cleaning rod fit with ground bayo lug?
Hi, all. I just bought a used Bulgarian SSR-85-C2. But it didn't have a cleaning rod, and I always liked the look of an AK with the cleaning rod under the barrel. I noticed that the bayonet lug under the front sight post has been ground off. So, I was wondering, if I bought an AK cleaning rod, will it fit in the rifle still? Or, do I need the bayonet lug to attach the cleaning rod under the barrel? Thanks!

Jack Greenwell 01-16-2010 04:35

It will "fit" but the bayo lug holds the rod from slipping out. So the rod will just slip out on the ground if you bring the muzzle down.

CarlosC 01-16-2010 06:58

Are you talking about the "ears"? The ears are not necessary to hold a cleaning rod. The ears are there only for the AK-47 bayonet to lock onto. There should be a recess milled into the bottom of the FSB that the cleaning rod head snaps into.

When I bought my SSR, the ears had been ground off, but it didn't affect the retention of the cleaning rod.
I have since replaced the FSB with one that has ears so I can mount a bayonet.
I also replaced the plastic with wood

Aedrick 01-16-2010 14:57

Ah, I see! Thanks so much for all the info, guys! The 'ears' are what's been ground off, so the recess under the front sight post is still there. I'll go get a cleaning rod and try it out!

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