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JGguns 01-18-2010 07:49

Colt XSE Vs. SA Loaded Vs Kimber Custom II
I am trying ti decide between a NIB SA Loaded with NS and a LNIB Colt XSE Gov size. I am wanting this gun for shooting matches (idpa), bowling pin shoots, etc. Its gonna get alot of use. I would pay about 50 more for the colt. What would you guys choose and why, Thanks alot

Oh and if it matters the colt is series 80. Also if anyone else has a different suggestions on a gun in my range please let me know. I cant really go higher than 800 including tax, shipping ffl etc.

Ok the kimber just entered the picture. My local shop has a excellent kimber Custom II with the dredded external extractor for 599. So thats gonna 200 less than the colt. This would be nice cause then I could order my re loading press, however I dont want to skimp but if that is a good gun at a fair price I wouldnt mind it. Plus It felt buttery smooth and had a nice trigger

Screaming .357G 01-18-2010 08:27

I would pick the colt... Made in USA, my colts have been 100% reliable.
I can not say that my springfields have always been reliable.

pascal 01-18-2010 08:43

Hello JGguns,
IMHO if you can make arrangements to inspect the Colt or have someone with the knowledge give it an examination prior to accepting it, so it can be replaced bypassing Colt Repair, and you find a good one, likely, then Colt absolutely.

JGguns 01-18-2010 08:51

I can take a look at it. I dont know any 1911 guys so I can only go by what I know (wich is limited lol) Any specific reasons for the colt?

pascal 01-18-2010 09:01

When done right, they are the originators of the pistol. Quality forged parts for the most part. US made, trade deficits, Americans with jobs, and if it's not a Colt it a clone:whistling:

BOGE 01-18-2010 09:02


Originally Posted by JGguns (Post 14568452)
...Any specific reasons for the colt?

Itīs like picking the woman with big knockers. Itīs just the right thing to do. :supergrin:

JGguns 01-18-2010 09:18


Originally Posted by BOGE (Post 14568506)
Itīs like picking the woman with big knockers. Itīs just the right thing to do. :supergrin:

Lol well when put that way...... I like colt alot I actually have a the Lightweight commander xse. But I have shot some loadeds that I liked alot as well. I am sure I would be happy with either

Officer's Match 01-18-2010 10:01

Colt, easily in this case.

hikerpaddler 01-18-2010 10:06

Can't go wrong with either.

JGguns 01-18-2010 11:31

Ok the kimber just got added to the mix.

JGguns 01-18-2010 12:14

After reading some threads and see some prices and reviews it seems that the kimber for alittle over six and a quarter is a decent price. So my only question is, is the external extractor a deal breaker?

Black Cloud 01-18-2010 12:44

The ee is hit or miss. I owned a Custom II with one, but had it replaced with an internal extractor. If you do have any problems, Kimber will make it right (it might take 3 months).
As for the Springer verses Colt deal, it comes down to brand loyalty . Both are good guns. The Colt does have less mim parts, but to me that is not an issue.
You said that you were going to use it as a match gun right? Then why not go for the one that is $50 cheaper, with night sights, and new in box? That extra can go towards that reloading press. Trust me both guns will do the job you mention above.
By the way if you do decide on the Kimber (talk them down lower), set aside an extra $60 for shipping, just in case. For that $60 they go over it with a fine toothcomb, making it a great deal.

JGguns 01-18-2010 13:01

They wont come down on the kimber unfortunately. But they did say if there is any problems I can bring it in and the smith will look at it for me.

smokey45 01-18-2010 13:03

Having owned all of the above mentioned pistols, for my money, I'd go with the Kimber. The Loaded Springer would be my second choice. The EE got a bum rap. Yeah, there were a few problems, all easily operator corrected. The internal extractor in 1911s require frequent tuning as well. I own them with both IE and EE. Not a nickel's worth of difference in performance, (in my experience). Strange that all the other pistol platforms are ok with the EE, but not the 1911. Hmmm. Something wrong with that logic.

Black Cloud 01-18-2010 13:04

I vote for the Springer.

Originally Posted by JGguns (Post 14569879)
They wont come down on the kimber unfortunately. But they did say if there is any problems I can bring it in and the smith will look at it for me.

NIB, night sights, it's a no brainer.

JGguns 01-18-2010 13:13

Smokey funny you say that cause I thought the same thing when I picked up my glock a minute ago. Im still pretty torn but the kimber and reloading kit is sounding nice. But I am still putting some thought into it.... The night sites dont mean a whole lot for me other than adding to the value, and if I do low light shoots I guess, but I do sgree it is nice having a NIB with warranty and such... I am waiting for a respose from the guy with the colt to see if I can get him to come down in price. All 3 have good factors about them now I just need to figure out what is gonna suit me best

anyplainjoe 01-18-2010 21:00

the Springfield is an imported commodity.

Makoman 01-19-2010 02:07

I would go with the Colt because
#1. It's a Colt (ok, I'm biased)
#2. It's US made.
#3. I could be wrong on this, but I've read (I'll try to find the link) the Colt has only 3 MIM parts. I think the extractor is but I'm not sure, the grip safety, and I'm not sure about the third.

and lastly, I've never had an issue with either my series 80 enhanced, or my XSE. So far as constant tuning of the extracter goes, I've got thousands of rounds through that enhanced and haven't ever had to tune the extractor. Haven't replace any springs either and it still runs like a champ. If that is an issue, just put a Wilson's bullet proof extractor and it will probably outlast you.

I also prefer an internal extractor on 1911's. Reviews that I've read about the Kimber Pro Carry which i was considering for purchase have stated that extractors (which are actually internal on that gun) and slide stops, both of which are MIM parts btw, are prone to breaking. Once again though, you can replace them with Wilson parts and that should take care of any potential problems.

smokey45 01-19-2010 07:12

Of course the Kimber is American made if that's important to you.

hdbob 01-19-2010 07:15

Springfield armory....... I would say kimber over both, but with all the problems with the External Extractor I wouldnt take a chance on a used gun with one... you should be able to buy a new basic kimber for the price of them others.

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