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Dan H 02-09-2010 17:30

Shotshell belt?
I have been looking for a shotgun shell belt of even a bandolier. What do you all use and prefer for a shotshell belt? The Uncle Mike's looks like a good solid piece for $23.00 locally. Cabelas has something similar for about $6 online.

Comments on quality equipment to carry extra shotgun ammo during range practice, mobility, etc...?



Jon_R 02-09-2010 17:51

I use these in competition. In working at it I can grab 4-5 shells at once and feed them week hand while holding my shotgun on target.

They are not for rolling around on the ground so it might not be what you are looking for. I will see what others have to say as I am taking a tactical shotgun course and per the instructor these don't hold the shells solid enough.

Spen84107 02-12-2010 00:01

I have the cabela's cheap-o version... but I'm happy with it. But, I don't compete or anything like that... I just like it more than carrying a box of shells. :)

B Coyote 02-12-2010 18:29

I like a go bag. I'm not a fan of bandoleers or slings that hold shotgun shells.


Bill Lumberg 02-13-2010 14:45

Yep. Belts and bandoleers for shotgun shells are kind of past tense. Look for a bag, pouch, or garment with pockets designed for or suitable for shotgun shells. More convenient, and with training, faster.

B Coyote 02-13-2010 16:40

Consider reading this thread:


Aceman 02-13-2010 16:47

I use a bandoleer - but that's mainly for the carry ease.

A bag is definitely the way to go for speed. Watch a trap team sometime.

Streetking 02-14-2010 02:31

Don't waste your money on the cheap bandoleers. the elastic doesn;t last. there are military pouches out there that are well made. I think Bianchi makes one.

Dan H 02-15-2010 16:52

The more research I do on carrying shotgun shells, the more I discover that bags and pouches seem to be the current preferred gear for that. Actually makes sense from a KISS factor.

Thanks for all the replies.


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