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Lexxani 02-16-2010 14:42

Request- Remington Nylon Mohawk 10C trigger subgroup pictures or diagram
Hey Fellas, heres my problem. I took my shooting buddy's 1974 Remington Nylon Mohawk 10C home to do a little gunsmithing on the mag well (it was loose and the rifle wouldn't fire consistently. I resolved that issue, but in the course I realized this particular rifle had not been cleaned in some time, the entire trigger sub assembly was full of sand and residue. So I undertook doing a deep clean, which I am familiar with as I have successfully performed this strip down on my ruger mini 14, Marlin model 60, Ruger 10-22, and a Marlin bolt action rifle.

Well upon reassembly I have been unsuccessful in getting the sear and spring to work as they should. Im not sure that I have been able to get the sear spring in the right position. In any event, if someone has one of these rifles would you please do me a favor and take some pictures of this sub group? I appreciate it immensely.

By the way, the diagrams on the internet (to include the Remington FSM) have proven to be useless.

plainsman 02-17-2010 00:22

check out rimfirecentral
They are heavy into .22 rifles. Someone certainly knows the answer.

shadow_dog 02-17-2010 02:05

I have heard these are a PITA to reassemble. Ditto on the rimfirecentral post. Great people over there. FWIW, I have an Apache 77.

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