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beequick 03-09-2010 14:36

Engraved Glock
Since there seems to be G19s everywhere I look, I wanted to do something to set mine apart.

It's the latin word for "Justice"

On a side note, the engraver found out just how tough the tenifer coating on the Glocks are. Using a diamond studded drill bit, they still had to go over it five times.

Let me know what you fellow Glockers think.

Logan.45 03-09-2010 14:59

Is this your carry gun? THe engraving definately sets it apart. Nice job overall.

Kickitsimple 03-09-2010 15:09

will that part be able to rust or anything? just curious. looks good!

mdhandyman 03-09-2010 15:13

Look's good but what happend to the S ?

Street Fighter 03-09-2010 15:22


Originally Posted by mdhandyman (Post 14907841)
Look's good but what happend to the S ?

The engraver has a lisssspp. :rofl:

mdhandyman 03-09-2010 19:25


Originally Posted by Street Fighter (Post 14907897)
The engraver has a lisssspp. :rofl:


helidonna 03-19-2010 18:43

+1 on the lissssssppppp.....:rofl::rofl::rofl::wavey:

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