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PlayboyPenguin 03-14-2010 21:00

Favorite non-Glockhandgun? Favorite Glock?
A few questions for everyone.

What is your favorite handgun?

If it is a Glock, what is your favorite non-Glock handgun.

If it is a not a Glock, what is your favorite Glock?

My favorite handgun is my all stainless Colt Commander 1911. It is not the most expensive or fanciest gun I ownI even have the XSE version of the same gun that is way more decked out, but it still my favorite. I guess I like the simplicity of it.

My favorite Glock would probably be my G29. I always take it with me when hiking or camping. It is my "Good for every occasion" gun. :)

raven11 03-14-2010 21:04

hard choice

I shoot a Zurich P.D. trade in P228 the most

but my Walther P5 is a extremely close second

den308 03-14-2010 21:05

Favorite non Glock; S & W 4506
Favorite Glock; G-20

Duct Tape 03-14-2010 21:25

I'm partial to the G-17 for the Glock. I'm not exactly sure what my favorate non-Glock would be.

Batesmotel 03-14-2010 21:28

#1 favorite, 1911 (Les Baer)
Favorite Glock, G17

Orion's Belt 03-14-2010 21:29

I really like CZ P01's. Favorite Glock, probably the 26.

Exodus. 03-14-2010 21:36

Favorite non Glock, EAA Tanfolio Witness. Compact .40,
EAA Tanfolio Witness Elite, .40 with a 10mm conversion

Favorite Glock, G24 My Race gun, built by Bob Carver

Jake Starr 03-14-2010 21:39


hard choice

I shoot a Zurich P.D. trade in P228 the most

but my Walther P5 is a extremely close second

I would also add my Walther P99.

My favorite Glock (I don't own one) would be the 19.

hoffy 03-14-2010 21:48

I still have my first real auto, a Colt Combat Commander, electroless nickel, which I have shot the snot out of over the years, pushing 40Krounds, but she jams every now and then, loose as a goose. I also have a Walther P-5 I got wholesale back in the late '80s, someone had a dealer order it and did not pay up front. I worked at a gun shop and knew what they cost and sold for, so I traded for it. The magazines were terribly expensive, but a P-38 mag can be modified. I like the SIG 220 and the HK USP, a tie . I have a lot of favorites I guess. A pristine Swedish Lahti, to go with 4 different Swede rifles. A very beat up Soviet Nagant, dated 1937(kind of creepy, year of one of the purges) it is a bring back or pre 68 import. I have a '20s vintage Colt Police Positive, 98% that is nice too. I guess what ever I am using is my favorite. :supergrin:

ronin.45 03-14-2010 22:01

Favorite Glock- 17
My first Glock and still #1 competition gun.

Favorite Handgun- S&W 625
God's gift to shooters, The finest firearm ever created.

den888 03-14-2010 23:09

Non-Glock - Colt Gold Cup and favorite Glock is my G23 (ability to shoot both .40 and 9mm)...

seamaster 03-14-2010 23:38

My 1911 is my absolute favorite handgun. Favorite Glock is the 19.

JuneyBooney 03-14-2010 23:40

Colt XSE and for Glock 27 and Colt 6920.

ArmoryDoc 03-14-2010 23:54

My fav Glock is the model 19. My fav other handgun ? Wow. Too many that are tied for first place.

KevinFACE 03-15-2010 00:03

It's trendy but I don't care:

Non-Glock: Desert Eagle .50AE Mark XIX Brushed Hard Chrome

Glock: Glock 21/21SF .45 ACP 3rd Generation

DaBigBR 03-15-2010 00:06

Non Glock: Springer Pro or Yost SRT Hi-Power
Glock: 23 or 30

bac1023 03-15-2010 03:14

High end 1911 for sure

Glock would be the G19, I guess.

Morgo 03-15-2010 04:09

Fav Non Glock

Fav Glock is one of the 34's

pgg00 03-15-2010 04:15

Non Glock is probably my old Colt M1911A1

Glock would be my old G21

GreyEclipse 03-15-2010 04:15

Favorite- 1911

Fave Glock-19

lol, 19 and 1911. Funny.

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