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dereklord 03-22-2010 08:18

No takers?
So I guess this game isnt quite as active as I would have hoped, but I did get atacked last night and get all my glod stolen. I managed to get 5 gold back, but I am now out of turns. If anyone can help me get turns by clicking, I would REALLY appreciate it. And I hope everyone can get active in this game because it sounds pretty fun. Thanks for the help and here is the link...

rfenster 03-24-2010 18:49

So, who attacked you? Not cool attacking newbies...We need names....

(I warned you to spend all your gold quickly)

dereklord 03-25-2010 09:48

Oh i spent most of it...he only got about 25 gold from me, but that makes it so I cant buy anymore spies to see if the people I want to attack have any gold, so I actually waste most of my turns now. Only able to get back 5 gold. Im still trying though. Any suggestions on who to attack?

rfenster 03-26-2010 18:29

You can't purchase spies-there is a bug in the game.

I'd start with attacking the army who attacked you and took your remaining gold!

mikeyU 03-26-2010 23:59

We still need a gold bail out, or something to get the game goiing again.

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