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Jer 03-24-2010 16:54

Any AFROTC people members here?
Just curious because I'm considering it. I have a few questions and am wondering if there's some members here who can speak to this and help field my questions. Thanks!

EH3 03-28-2010 22:00

I graduated from school a couple years ago and did afrotc, what questions do you have?

Jer 03-29-2010 00:54

Actually, I have back burnered all the questions I had since it appears as though I may be too old. What I'm reading states that you have to be commissioned before you turn 35 and I just turned 32 so I may have missed out by a matter of months. Ugh. Story of my life. Guess I'll call a recruiter to get the answer straight from the horse's mouth but sounds like it's not going to be what I want to hear.

b52ace 04-02-2010 12:58

Have you just started college? Are you currently in school? Do you already have a degree? More info would be helpful.

Glock.23 04-10-2010 16:33

I wouldnt back out just yet there are always "waivers" unless the afi specifically states "unwaiverable".

Jer 04-10-2010 16:55


Originally Posted by Glock.23 (Post 15101731)
I wouldnt back out just yet there are always "waivers" unless the afi specifically states "unwaiverable".

I talked to a recruiter finally and he cleared it up for me for the most part. He said you needed to be commissioned by 30 w/waivers to 35 but since I haven't even enrolled there's really no way for me to be commissioned by 35 so no dice. He hasn't replied to any follow up questions so I would guess if it was possible he would be getting back to me.

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