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Brackish 03-25-2010 20:53

I want a MK9 with a 3.5" barrel
Or is it a K9 with a 6+1 grip size?

I love my MK9. It fits nicely at 1:00 in a highnoon IWB. Forget it's there. It shoots like a dream and conceals nicely. I think the extra 1/2" on the barrel would help with accuracy at distance.

Has Kahr ever made such a gun? (No, per my reading)

I have seen the threads where folks have cut down their P9 to make grip lengths fitting their MK9 mags. Has anyone ever done this with a K9? THis would cut of fthe lower grip screw, I think, and I'm wondering if the frame would remain sound and have a spot to set a new screw/bushing.

Why is the K9 the only SS pistol in their line-up that requires upgrade to "elite" to get away from the NYPD trigger?

ETA: this therad at kahr talk has a photo of a "covert" converted K9 [URL][/URL]

ETA2 Now that I know the "covert" lingo, a search of this site has provided much to read. . . Processing. . .

Would someone post a pic of their K9 with the grip off? I promise not to leer.

AZ Traveler 03-26-2010 16:23

Kahr never made a "K9 Covert". I do not think you will find anyone that has cut down a K9, doing so would weaken the frame and remove a steel from around the magwell.

I had a K40 Covert that developed a crack in the frame in the rear of the magwell. I asked Kahr if it was repairable, their response was no and they replaced it with a MK40 because the K40 Covert was discontinued years before.

The thread you listed shows a K40 Covert not a K9 Covert. In fact if you look closely at the picture you posted, you can see the K40 on the slide.



Brackish 03-26-2010 17:19

Oh well, thanks traveler.

Can anyone comment on the difference in grip/frame shape between the P9 and MK9, other than length? i.e., would a self-coverted P9 feel the same in the hand as a MK9, including grip, trigger placement, trigger guard, etc?

Forgetting the weight difference form a 'carry" point of view, how much of a difference does the plymer frame make in shooting? My MK9/mag weighs 24oz, and a P9/mag weighs 17oz. I certainly don't notice a difference from my first to last shot in a mag, weight-wise.

AZ Traveler 03-26-2010 19:01

The MK9, the PM9 and the P9 Covert all use the same Mags. (Kahr did make a P9 Covert and a P40 Covert). I owned a MK40 and a P40 Covert at the same time. I found the MK40 and the P40 Covert shot about the same. Trigger, trigger placement and grip all about the same.

The biggest difference is the dustcover. The Dustcover on the MK40 is thinner then the P40 Covert. Because of this "finely boned" or tightly molded holsters made for Steel Frame Kahrs will not fit Polymer Framed Kahrs. So I have some holster that fit both and some that don't.

Once I bought the P40 Covert, my MK40 became a safe queen. I sold the MK40 to a friend who now uses it as his concealed carry piece.


Brackish 03-26-2010 20:35


AZ Traveler 03-26-2010 20:51

Your Welcome.

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