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.fortyfive 03-26-2010 22:01

most acurate load for idpa
im looking for some one with experience at idpa. im going to sign up to shoot with my glock21 and the only round ive found so far is remington 230 fmj. it is decent in accuracy as i can cut the center of targets out to about 15 yards. ive only had it for about 2 months. i like nine but .45 is what i carry and prefer. are there any factory loads out there that are made for acuracy and less recoil

Erhardt 04-02-2010 06:20

The issue with finding ammunition that delivers the best accuracy is one of trial and error. There is no particular load that anybody can point to and declare "this is the most accurate round for the G21." What you want to do is purchase several brands of .45ACP and test each to determine which brand your particular pistol likes best. Depending on how much shooting your are doing you may want to consider reloading. If you want to stick to factory loads, because that's what you are carrying, then look to test Remington, Federal, Winchester, Black Hills and Hornady. You can also check out remanufacturers like Atlanta Arms & Ammo. Trial and error out at the range is the only way to find out what works best in your pistol.

Keep in mind that your pistol and ammo combination is likely to shoot more accurately than you think, and that the difference in accuracy may be because of you. Only the top shooters, who are shooting thousands of rounds a week in practice and competition can pick up on the subtle differences in ammo accuracy. BUT, to eliminate doubt in your ammo from your mental game, head to the range and bench your pistol for an afternoon of testing.

BTW, make sure you double check your IDPA rulebook for ammo regulations to make sure you are not in violation. Hope that helps. - ERHARDT

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