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Cajun 03-31-2010 14:17

Can you recommend a holster?
21SF with a TLR-1.

Belt or thigh, Secure for wilderness use mainly. Also will be secured on the inside of my gun safe door.

I've got it like I want now I can't figure out a holster!

Any feedback on holsters?

G21H30 03-31-2010 19:41

I have a Safariland 6004-3830-551-SP10 which is a right hand Flat Dark Earth with a single leg strap thigh holster with a Surefire X200/300 light. It is very secure yet easy to draw and reholster. For a belt holster try a Safariland 6378 paddle holster that also comes with a belt loop attachment.
I bought mine from

357DAS 04-07-2010 06:44

Safariland or Sidearmor

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