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themiller 04-03-2010 16:26

Accuracy expectations?
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I have a bushmaster 14.5" or 16" 1 in 9 twist, telestock and am wondering what kind of accuracy I should expect?

I put an Eotech on top and shot 50 and 100 yds today. Only had two kinds of ammo some PMC Bronze and some S&B both 55gr boat tail (I believe) and Remmington.

Will better ammo help my groups tighten up at all? I'm thinking some Black Hills 60ish gr. or ??? Or is this the best the gun will do?

I am capable of sub-moa shooting. The ar is a new beast for me. And I havent done any trigger, and am not really interested in upgrading optics (cept maybe for one of those 3x + flip mounts that sits in front of the dot, but they're awfully $$$)

Left to right is the target order (from mounting the sight to dialing it in) All except the lastare @ 50yds. 25yrd pistol slowfire target (1" red in middle I believe).

Is my gun a 2MOA @ 100 yd gun? Or will better ammo get me markedly better results?

Thanks in advance,


Constructor 04-03-2010 17:29

I have seen 55gr FMJ from Wal-Mart shoot 6" groups at 100yds with a scoped rifle and then the same rifle print a sub-MOA group with 69gr SMKs.
WWB (winchester white box) seems to shoot better than most surplus or cheap ammo. I don't know who said "junk in =junk out" but it fits.
Not even a match grade barrel on a custom rifle will help some junk ammo.
Most production grade ARs probably shoot 1-2MOA with decent ammo, better triggers help.

themiller 04-03-2010 19:21

so the Sierra Match King might be the next load I should try or ???. Trying to get into the .223 game.

I should add... this is the 1st time the rifle was out and I was sighting in the Eotech (hence the groups getting smaller and closer to center :supergrin: )

Constructor 04-03-2010 19:53

If plinking I would try the WWB first, the 69gr Federal Gold Metal Match is a little on the expensive side at $30+ with reman. being cheaper than that. Some flat base varmint bullets tend to shoot better than fmj also, when I have a barrel that I suspect may be a little loose I try to stick to flat base bullets with a forgiving ogive like the Speer 55gr TNT or Barnes Varmint Grenade, some other soft points are ok too as long as the tip isn't damaged in feeding. I usually don't have good luck with boat tails in a loose(large bore) barrel.
Try a box or 2 of several kinds until you find what the rifle shoots well.
Ultramax is known to load some decent reman. stuff along with Black Hills and Hunting Shack. ETA- just because some will think something, there is no particular order here. Black Hills loads some great match stuff, others swear by some of the varmint loads from the other 2 companies it all depends on the purpose of the rifle.

themiller 05-22-2010 19:18

The 68Gr Black Hills Match HP yielded right around .3" 6 shot groups at 50 yds and right about .6" 6 shot groups @ 100 yds, front of rifle on sandbag, and EoTech non-magnifying glass. Needless to say - I'm VERY happy with that. I have no desire for any greater accuracy with this gun, now I just need to stock up on that ammo the next time I find it.

Tried all the other Remmington, Hornaday, Privi, quote a few others, all 55gr-69gr and the best overall for this gun is the Black Hills Match HP. Wanted to give some others a starting point.

Now that I got this lady all sorted out - time to build a 10/22 tack driver.

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