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Foxtrotx1 04-07-2010 12:16

Building a Del-Ton 20inch
Want to build a del ton 20inch A3. I have an M1a and I love it but it's so damn heavy (walnut, 22inch). My Ar will be a go to rifle for plinking and 3 gun. I don't like the 16inch's weight being centered rearward (shot a postal inspectors M4 with acog). 20 inch seems to be the fix for that. However, looking at Del-tons site, the 20 inch rifle says it weighs 9 pounds! Thats the same as my M1a almost.

If I get the gov profile barrel will it reduce wieght much from the HBAR? Will accuracy be effected much?

Any kit building tips?

Looking to save weight but still have decent accuracy

Thanks for your time,

Constructor 04-07-2010 13:32

The Gov profile will be much lighter and not reduce accuracy, the barrels are made by the same company so the quality of the bore should be the same. Barrels heating up may be noticable while firing from a bench with a scope but moving around and shooting off hand will be the accuracy variable much more than the barrel heating up.
Use a full float hand guard you you have the option.

Foxtrotx1 04-07-2010 19:30

Thank you, this is very helpful. I have looked everywhere online, but I cannot seem to find anyone who runs 3 gun with an A2 20inch in 3 gun, is it to long to wield in your opinion?

Constructor 04-07-2010 21:56

It depends on the kind of shoot it is, some guys set up shoots like it's a house clearing exercise shots are 30ft so it could be long for that type of shoot. Some guys setup a military theme with very few clearing type stages so a 20" may work better in those type of shoots.
I like outlaw 3 gun events more than the santioned events. I don't practice for 3 gun, 3 gun is my practice so it's just a way to get out and shoot and have a little fun for me. If thats what you are looking for run what you have, if you want to be competitive then you may want to stick with a shorter barrel. Check out the Brian Enos forum.

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