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Eric 04-17-2010 10:18

GATE Night Vision Forum Expert Bio: John Barbieri
John Barbieri
US Night Vision Corp.

GT User Name: u.s.nightvision

Entered night vision industry in 1993 as VP of Operations for North American Integrated Technologies
Co-founded USNV in 2000
Company develops and manufactures night vision, thermal, and infrared technologies
Gross sales 57 million
Awarded IDIQ contract with US Army in 2010

Wife Aimee, son Zachary, daughter Macie
Hobbies include hunting, fishing, urban operation and combat training, any
activities with my children.

bcowen22001 05-23-2010 18:53

Any night vision googles available; preferbly under $5000.00.

lwb 05-25-2010 20:42

john im looking for a good thermal monocular so i can view wildlife at long range in total darkness. I own a 3x PYTHON NV scope made by NAIT. i think i've had it since the mid 90's and it works ok. I've been trying to research the FLIR HS 307 along with some other thermal imagers but i cant find any product reviews or talk forums about thermal imagers.Can u help

why 07-16-2010 09:05

Just found this forum and am disappointed to see that its a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time from question to an answer.

themiller 08-09-2010 21:09

yeah - i have an open question from a few months ago. Oh well.

why 08-10-2010 17:06

I cant find your question, themiller. I know a bit about NV as a consumer; I'd be glad to pass along what I know. Post here or IM.

u.s.nightvision 08-20-2010 16:28

US Night Vision Tactical Product Specialist
Hello All,

We have finally completed the move to a much larger production facility, warehouse & office complex. Please feel free to post NV & thermal questions here or e-mail me at

Best Regards,

Steve Gibbons
Tactical Product Specialist
US Night Vision Corporation

why 08-21-2010 14:10

hi Steve. hope we can get this forum busy. and THANKS for modding!

mpow66m 11-18-2010 07:27

Hiow many Lumens does it take to blind or disorientate a human?

u.s.nightvision 11-18-2010 13:55

At close range (just a few feet) you can certainly "distract" a potential threat with a cheap D cell flashlight. For CQB applications 65-70 lumens is the industry standard for encandicent lights. Modern LED tactical lights can obviously provide considerably more than the standard and will temporally blind anyone unlucky enough to be in the way of the beam. Programble lights that feature a stobe mode are particularly effective.


Steve Gibbons
US Night Vision Corporation

mpow66m 11-19-2010 07:59


u.s.nightvision 11-19-2010 10:18

Hello bcowen22001,

We have a number of refurbished USNV-14 Gen 3 monoculars from a recent DOE trade-in. These carry a full 2-year factory warranty and have seen very little use. (That's you tax dollars at work son!)

The comes complete with all standard accessories including a small arms weapon mount, head mount, AA battery adapter, sac window, demist shield, etc. Check out our website for details or e-mail me for a quote and product specs. This is one of the best refurb deals we have ever offered in the history of our company!

Best Regards,

Steve Gibbons
US Night Vision Corporoation

u.s.nightvision 11-19-2010 10:42

Hello lwb,

Thermal systems of all types (viewers, weapon sights, boat mounted, car mounted, etc.) is a relatively new technology in the sence that it has been developed to a degree that both the price and actual size of the equipment have been reduced to a level that civilians can afford and use effectively.

Therefore, you will not see much activity for this product nich other than with the predator hunting crowd. (Pest control of hogs, coyotes, etc.) The best hand-held thermals are still the L-3 mini X series and the FLIR H series. Both systems are used by a multitude of law enforcement agencies and military units across the services. Their primary mission is to "detect and locate" a potential threat (or in search & rescue mode for a lost victim) in all types of weather conditions. Especially when fog or other atmospheric conditions limit the usefull effective range of traditional NV devices.

The key is to deploy thermal or NV devises when the conditions warrant it. One technology supplements the other to successfully complete the mission.

Best Regards,

Steve Gibbons
US Night Vision Corporation

why 12-08-2010 12:33

Is there a Problem?
a week or so ago i attempted to post a new thead about thermal units that USNV sells. i got an "new thread must be approved before it will appear" or some such message.
OK, thats strange, but it was a good post and gave USNV a chance to tout their products. so i am still waiting to see the new thread and scratching my rear wondering whats up..............?

beatcop 12-09-2010 18:23

Ok, how long does it take for a question to hit the screen?

beatcop 12-10-2010 20:12

cricket.................ok, will not bother

Akita 12-12-2010 09:01

too bad. this is a forum that i think would be of great benefit of us.

beatcop 12-12-2010 14:28

It would be nice to kick around some ideas. I used to check out "x20" forum or something like that a while back...they were mostly high-end users though.

Anyone use the "new" low-end Bushnell digital night vision?

Akita 12-12-2010 17:22

ARFCOM used to have a great nv forum but one of the mods there now uses it as his private sales forum. if you are in the business or even sell something with regularity, he will find a way to pick a fight with you. (not me, i am strictly an ignorant consumer)
i'm still hoping we can get something going here and draw in the really knowledgable guys in addition to the support of an industry leader like USNV.

u.s.nightvision 12-13-2010 11:22

Hello Why,

All members are welcome to contact me directly at our Roseville, CA office. PH: 800-500-4020 or e-mail me at

Best Regards,

Steve Gibbons
US Night Vision Corporation

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