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DaScotsman 05-08-2010 09:45

Light Strike? upon chambering
My AR is a Bushmaster M4A3 in 7.62x39. It has around 350 rounds through it. It was clean and lubricated when I started.

I wanted to see if it would properly eject some ammo I purchased (it's picky). I did the following:
1. Set the weapon to SAFE.
2. Inserted the mag with the bolt locked back.
3. Released to bolt, letting it chamber the first round.
4. Pull back the charging handle, thus ejecting the unfired round
5. Released the changing handle, loading the next round.

I did this with three types of ammo. One known PASS, one known FAIL, and the test ammo. It failed, so I won't buy 1k rounds of that this afternoon. :)

BUT, as I looked at the rounds afterwards, I noticed that nearly all of them had what appeared to be a light strike in the center of the primer. And I mean <i>very</i> light... equal to or less in depth than the indented letters on the case bottom.

So I am asking the Experts... What is this? Should I be concerned?


Constructor 05-08-2010 15:46

The AR has a floating firing pin so they will all get that little dent.
Sometimes those rounds will misfire if they are chambered and removed a few times as the dent gets deeper so it's best not to chamber and remove anymore than necessary.

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