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Pentothal 06-25-2010 22:26

Type of Sight for NEOS
Recently bought a Beretta NEOS .22 and want to put sight on it. I was wondering which type would be better

RED DOT like this:


Reflex sight like this:

Thanks in advance for your input.

8541/9999 06-28-2010 13:18

for what you are looking to do you would be better served with a mini red dot doctor Optic type. Extremely light weight holds zero easy to sight in. Close to the rail.

Pentothal 06-29-2010 18:16

Anybody got a link to one, google search didn't reveal much.


8541/9999 06-30-2010 10:09

trijicon.burris,insight, leupold, all make mini red dots try optics planet for a good price.

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