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2cooltoolz 07-04-2010 03:27

A&G Magazine spacer
I've been seeing these pop up for sale here and there, but nobody exactly describes what they do. I'm familiar with A&G mag spacers for Glock, used for G19 mags in G26s for instance and I own some spacers to use 8 round P220 mags in my P245.
I know someone is going to ask, "Why use extended mags in a compact?" It's for the reloads!!! and they're kinda fun at the range .
At any rate, I've been seeing these by A&G:

But not a description of function to be found. Kinda weird, actually. A&G apparently doesn't have a website (kinda weird) and the people who sell 'em don't say more than that they fill the gap on P9/PM9 mags.

Do they mean the infamous Kahr BIG UGLY GAP,

or do they mean the gap when you put a P9 mag in a PM9?

Only if you really know, please.

Nuclear 07-04-2010 12:50

Probably so you can use P9 mags in a PM9.

Cowart 07-04-2010 14:08


Originally Posted by 2cooltoolz (Post 15580372)
do they mean the gap when you put a P9 mag in a PM9?

Yes, see

The same company makes a similar product for the "K" model

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