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Scamp 07-05-2010 20:58

Kahr CW40
Thinking about picking one up, but don't know much about them. Any tips, advice?

Vdoc 07-05-2010 23:07

Where are you I might just Have one for sale!
I'm In North Texas

Scamp 07-06-2010 03:14


Originally Posted by Vdoc (Post 15589854)
Where are you I might just Have one for sale!
I'm In North Texas

I already have one in mind, I was looking for some opinions on them.

FLSlim 07-06-2010 06:42

I have the CW9, not the 40, but it is hard to find a weapon easier to carry (at the price) than the CW line. No problems with the 9.

Goldstar225 07-06-2010 06:53

I bought one last week after researching the Kahr series for about four months. My son and I took it to the range the following day for the 200 round break-in. First off I regarded it as a bit of a gamble with the negative comments I had seen in various sources concerning reliability. Here is my personal experience:

The ammo used Remington FMJ, Winchester Silvertips, and Remington Golden Saber.

Accuracy: Far better that one would expect for a gun of this size. I regard myself as an above average shot (one of the top three shooters in my department of 75 officers for the past 15 years) but I can't shoot a real gun as well as some can shoot their keyboards. I was able to keep all rounds in the 10 ring of the B-27 at 15 yards and make a clean run on 8" plates at 25 yards.

Ergonomics: I wear a size large glove. The gun fit my hand perfectly. The grip surface is a little aggressive and becomes uncomfortable after about 80 rounds. I don't plan to change a thing about it, it works.

Recoil: Less than expected. I read frequently about those who chose the CW9 to avoid .40 recoil. The recoil was very controllable. Although I have developed some arthritis in my wrist, I had no discomfort from the recoil and my double taps were easy to perform.

Controls: I love the trigger. Back when I shot revolvers competively I would have killed to have a trigger this sweet! The trigger pull is both smooth and light.

Velocity loss: This was area I was concerned about since it has a 3.5 inch barrel and does not have the polygonal rifling. I chronographed the 165 grain Remington Golden Saber out of the CW40 and my issue Glock 23 (4 inch barrel). To my surprise the Kahr clocked an average of 1057 FPS to the Glock's 1054 FPS. No loss of power in my sample, or maybe my Glock is a "slow" gun.

Now for the negative, twice between 50-100 rounds the slide release locked the slide back with rounds in the magazine. It happened again at about the 150 round point. Later at about 200 rounds this happened three times in single string of six. I could detect no visible cause for this (nothing was in contact with the slide release). The magazine release spring is undamaged.

The gun has been thoroughly cleand and lubed, ready for another range date. Although I expect my guns to be 100% out of the box, this one has so many positives that I'm willing to work at fixing this one problem area.

mitchg233 07-06-2010 11:27

"Slide locks back all the time" is an option on the drop down list on their RMA:

Good luck.

Scamp 07-06-2010 23:25

Thanks guys, looks like I'll be the owner of a CW40 by weeks end!

Goldstar225 07-07-2010 05:52

Mitch Thanks for the heads up. "Slide locks back all the time" is indicative a damaged/faulty slide release spring, this one appears fine. We ran approximately 36 magazines (6 rounds per mag) through the gun. The slide locked back on four of the strings (three times in one string) an intermitent failure. Although I doubt it, I may have shot with my thumb straight along the slide, bumping the slide stop during recoil. I'm going to pay close attention to this on my next range trip.

Scamp Good luck with your CW40.

glockess56 07-07-2010 11:15

I have a CW9 which I've had not any problems and is my EDC. I love my G26, but it is more bulky when I carry it. The CW9 was cheap, flawless (so far) and slides right into a Don Hume JIT holster OWB and disappears! It is accurate and someday, I will get night sights or a CT laser.

bayoutrigger 07-08-2010 20:54

I purchased a CW40 as my first Kahr. It's a great gun. Warning, after about a year you will wish you spent the extra money and purchased a PM40!

Scamp 07-13-2010 21:07

Well, I picked up my new to me Kahr CW40 today, I'll take it to the range this weekend and give a report...

Also, whats up with them only coming with one mag!
What the best (cheapest) place to get mags for the CW40?

Scamp 07-14-2010 16:18


Originally Posted by Scamp (Post 15635057)
What the best (cheapest) place to get mags for the CW40?


mitchg233 07-15-2010 09:18

Cowart 07-15-2010 10:18


Originally Posted by mitchg233 (Post 15643088)

Note that this ad is for a 7 round extended magazine, not the stock 6 round magazine

FLSlim 07-15-2010 13:34

I got extra mags for the CW9 at Cheaper Than Dirt, if I recall correctly. At the time they were a pretty decent deal compared to other online merchants.

glockess56 07-15-2010 19:43

Doesn't the CW series use the same mags as the PM series or some series? Let me know. I need extra maga for my CW9 and they aren't as cheap as my Glock mags!

Cowart 07-16-2010 00:31


Originally Posted by glockess56 (Post 15646167)
Doesn't the CW series use the same mags as the PM series

No, the PM mags are too short for the CW. See

Vdoc 07-25-2010 09:55


Also, whats up with them only coming with one mag!
I believe the higher dollar guns come with two Mags. The CW is the Low end model and 1 Mag keeps the price down.
Kahr mags are $40.00 plus shipping, but some say after market mags are betteras well as cheeper!

Scamp 08-06-2010 14:00

I got to take my newly acquired Kahr CW40 to the range twice now.
I shot a couple of hundred rounds of WWB each time and a few hollow points.
I't shot great every round, no problems whatsover, accuracy was good, recoil was no problem, all in all a great time at the range.

I did find a few things I need to work on...

The grip - After a few hundred rounds it can start to hurt a bit, the texture on the backstrap is pretty rough! It also rubs you pretty good carrying IWB.

First round - You have to use the slide release on the first round of a full mag, it even says that in the manual. I tried the "sling shot" method" and it just wouldn't work..but..on the second range trip a 100 or so round in I tried it (sling shot) and it worked like a charm, and did so perfectly for the rest of the day (15 more mags or so), maybe it's getting "broke in"?

Besides those two little things I am very happy with my little Kahr!

I did find me an extra new Kahr mag at a local pawn shop for $35, and an M-Tac holster off of here, so I am pretty happy! :supergrin:

frank_drebin 08-09-2010 21:27

Awesome, great to hear. I just picked mine up last week and my experience mirrors yours thus far. What are you carrying in yours? I've opted for the 155gr Hornady XTP. Mine shoots 180gr fine but the 155's are easier to control and the shape really lends itself to reliable feeding.

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