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2450paul 07-11-2010 23:08

"Tupperware " style Glock boxes
Anyone have or know where I might find an early G17 box with the 27 fingers or post that hold the ammo in the box? I'm also looking for the Tupperware for a G34 and a G17L. Thanks for any help. Paul

ctfireman 07-18-2010 17:25


2450paul 07-18-2010 17:41

I'm watching Gunbroker, Ebay, Texas Gun Trader, Auction Arms etc. I thought I'd cover all bases. Thanks for your interest

2450paul 08-12-2010 08:59

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american lockpicker 08-12-2010 19:43

I got one.

2450paul 08-12-2010 21:54

early glock box

Originally Posted by american lockpicker (Post 15799212)
I got one.

Would you be interested in parting with it? If so trade or cash, I have quite a few Glock parts and accessories, anything in particular you might be needing or looking for? Thanks, Paul

rickys2 08-28-2010 19:47

I have one too, with books

2450paul 08-28-2010 21:05


Originally Posted by rickys2 (Post 15889123)
I have one too, with books

Which one do you have? There are three different ones I am interested in. The early G17 with the post or "fingers"(27 of them), the G34 Tupperware style and the G17L tupperware style.

Check out this thread for pics of the three I'm looking for. Thanks, Paul

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