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saltydog452 07-16-2010 09:18

Secure and discrete, but not fast, mag carrier
Some of you 36 owners may find this worth knowing.

If you have a need to carry, on body or in a bag, STANDARD spare mags for the Glock 36, this WW2 canvas works. It is reasonably discrete, doesn't scream LEO and is secure during vigorous activity. The WW2, US .30 carbine canvas magazine carriers might be worth looking into.

Magazines with extensions will not allow the securty flap to 'snap' into position.

No way to post photos.


tuica 07-17-2010 18:01

Thanks for the info, Salty.

Jim S. 08-15-2010 17:04

I found a cheap cell phone case that works well for 36 mags.
I believe it was at Ace Hardware.

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