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ctyshtr 08-27-2010 11:55

Carbon tool steel
Mr. Emerson,

I would like to hear your thoughts on Carbon tool steel. In my experience i can get a better longer lasting edge but that my be due to my sharpening ability. Most knive out there are stainless or "super steel" like an S30V, Is that just because of a rust concern? I think rust seems to be the main concern but a forced Patina and some care will prevent that.

I also would like to hear your thoughts on a Convex grind vs a bevel.

I appreciate your willingness to take your time to share knowledge on this forum.


Ernest Emerson 01-12-2011 15:06

RE: Carbon tool steel
Dear ctyshtr,

In my opinion there is no better knife blade than one made from plain carbon steel. I don't care about rust. I keep my tools and guns clean. And if it does stain a little who cares? It's a tool.

Super steels, in spite of statistics and testimonies really just come and go. Plain carbon steel has been around for a couple of thousand years. Files are made from simple carbon steels. Edges are edges I've had sharp knives in all types of grinds and dull knives in all types of grind. I prefer the straight flat bevel. It's easier for me to keep sharp.

Best Regards,

Ernest R. Emerson

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