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samarai 09-30-2010 09:33

NP3 vs NP3 plus
What are the differences between both? Seems like NP3 plus is substantialy more in price versus regular NP3

RobarGuns 09-30-2010 13:53

NP3 Plus is a modified version of NP3 that offers additional corrosion protection for use in harsh environments. As the process is considerably more costly the NP3 Plus is more than the NP3. For the vast majority of applications NP3 offers more than enough corrosion protection.

mesteve2 10-26-2010 20:16

I saw an old Sig 228 in 9mm.

Refinished by Robar. :wow::wow::wow:

:wow::wow: nice is not true.

The nicest finish I have ever seen!
would not want a 9mm.

I am stuck on the .357 in sig guns.

Robar is simply the Very Best!

glock2740 01-19-2011 21:50

NP3+ is some great stuff. Here's my Les Baer TRS finished in it. :cool:

hercster 02-12-2012 12:41

Robar finishes
I'm considering getting one of my stainless pistols refinished because I don't like the way the natural bead blasted finish marks.

I like the idea of being able to avoid most lubrification as I understand is possible with NP3. If I had the slide and internals done with NP3 and the frame done in Poly-T would the gun be lube free to the same extent as if I got NP-3 only?

Ahmid 02-16-2012 05:59

Don't know about NP3 but I know Bear Coat is self lubricating.

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