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WoodenPlank 10-09-2010 19:27

Widening a grip?
Mr Emerson,

I recently picked up a SOGfari machete, and noticed that the grip seemed very narrow for my hands. Wrapping the handle in 550 cord resulted in a grip that was too deep to me comfortable. The handle is coated in rubber and texturized. Do you have a suggestion for a way to widen the grip, short of cutting all the plastic and rubber off and carving wood grips?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Ernest Emerson 11-01-2010 17:45

Re: Widening a grip?
Dear Wooden Plank,

Outside of using some type of epoxy or resin, perhaps J.B Weld, to add to the grips and then carving or grinding and texturing to suit your grip. I don't have any other suggestions. I'm not familiar with that knife. Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Ernest R. Emerson

WoodenPlank 11-01-2010 19:09

Mr. Emerson,

Thank you for the insight. I will start poking around for materials to see what I can come up with. If I find anything interesting, I will gladly share it.

Tazz10m 04-18-2013 17:04

I "redid" a handle on an old machete because the blade metal was so good, but the ergonomics of the handle sucked. What i did was use a plastic called "King Board" made for boats. It worked great... although it was slippery with sweaty or wet hands so i wrapped it with AGrip.

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