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GioaJack 11-23-2010 10:51

For Gamer Girl only. (No unauthorized access!)
I know how enthralled you are with the wizardry of physics and those involved in the mysterious, and arguably black arts. (I always thought it was something that helped you go potty.)

My sister sent this to me this morning, she loves to brag on her hubby. I guess it's a pretty big deal, I have no idea. The upside of his job is that he goes to the CERN several times a tear and usually stops in Spain hence my constant supply of Cuban cigars.

I guess one of these days he'll do something that will change the world but if I get elected as King of the Planet I'll change it a lot more than he ever dreamed.

I hope you understand what it means, every time he talks to me I end up daydreaming about women. :dunno:


GamerGirl 11-23-2010 12:11


Thanks Jack

GioaJack 11-23-2010 12:16


Originally Posted by GamerGirl (Post 16347485)

Thanks Jack

Have no idea how it ended up down here. May have to back off the medications a bit.


GamerGirl 11-23-2010 13:07

It's ok! I throughly enjoyed the article!

itisbruno 11-23-2010 21:56

I feel so ... so .... excluded

G33 11-23-2010 22:35

Up against the wall....!

rhikdavis 11-23-2010 22:48

I"m sick of the blatant leg humping going on around here! Save a spot for me.

itisbruno 11-23-2010 23:00


Originally Posted by G33 (Post 16350764)
Up against the wall....!

Terry C. 02-20-2012 23:01

"No unauthorized access!"

Of course you knew that was too tempting to resist . . .


Javelin 02-20-2012 23:06


Originally Posted by itisbruno (Post 16350834)

Sent from my lethargic left hand

Angry Fist 01-04-2013 18:51

Last activity... The other day!

itisbruno 08-18-2013 14:57

Damnit Jack ... I miss you

You too GG, Jack is gone and I'll never get to talk to him again, one of the folks I'd really liked to have had the opportunity to meet.

Hopefully you are still alive and kickin - if so, come out of hiding and say hi, buddy.

Hope your hubby, baby, and frenchie are all doing well.

I may have to send Dieter out to search for you once I get to CA ...

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