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FiremanJim 12-24-2010 13:57

PS90 SBR finally .....
Well after 4 months of waiting ,my tax stamp from the NFA came in and and 20 minutes later.....19.75 inches of Bliss

DustyJacket 12-24-2010 19:34

sharp looking. Let us know how it shoots and how big the fireball is? :)

FiremanJim 12-24-2010 20:49

hopefully no "fireballs".....

G33 12-25-2010 09:13


SunsetMan 12-26-2010 10:07

Sweet. Is that a CMMG barrel?

8th SPS USAF 12-26-2010 10:12

Very nice. A member of our club has one with a silencer to go with it.
I got to try it. Very nice, fun to shoot.


STLGLK 12-26-2010 16:33

That's really a great looking setup! Congrats! And yes, I'm jealous....

FiremanJim 12-26-2010 21:16

yeah CMMG barrel with Bi-Lock

glock281 01-16-2011 17:04

I'm still waiting on my tax stamp to return. I'm using an AR15 FH on it so I can install my Gemtech Suppressor on it.
Where did you get the P90 FH at?

FiremanJim 01-16-2011 19:07

local shop ,heres it with the new optic....

Foxtrotx1 01-16-2011 19:11

Thats really nice man!

TN.Frank 03-26-2011 14:58

I looked at the "Civilian" model with the 16" bbl and though it was really short for a "Long Gun", can't imagine how short the Military model would be. Congrats. :supergrin:

FiremanJim 04-07-2011 15:16

this joker is definatly small,it will fit in a large camelback.I like the low recoil,high magazine capacity and uniqueness of this weapon,not an AR or a Scar but I like it.

Glockdude1 04-07-2011 15:37

How difficult was it top swap barrels?

Looks like a great way to carry 100rd's on one weapon by piggy backing the magazines.


FiremanJim 04-07-2011 15:40

easy,I simply cut the old one off and installed the new one,gently of course and with a quick search on youtube for some tips.

bac1023 05-08-2011 14:49

Congrats! :cool:

corbon1 05-31-2011 13:45

Cool Deal !

Shipwreck-The-Sequel 06-01-2011 11:31

very nice!

Wolfdad 08-03-2011 17:09

Very nice indeed! Good luck with it and enjoy.

PlasticGuy 08-08-2011 09:18

Very nice. If I lived in an sbr friendly state, I would love to convert my wife's PS90.

typhon666 01-09-2012 11:38

somebody was saying that they have to ability to fire full-auto on the semi-auto civilian models. I think it was referred to as the "fun kit"

Foxtrotx1 01-09-2012 14:47


Originally Posted by typhon666 (Post 18407012)
somebody was saying that they have to ability to fire full-auto on the semi-auto civilian models. I think it was referred to as the "fun kit"

Unless your a Class 3 thats a no go.

Narkcop 01-14-2012 04:48

I couldnt find any videos on youtube showing the conversion being done. It was all airsoft bs.

FiremanJim 01-18-2012 07:18

This is one method but I cut my barrel and slid it out....

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