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Jane221B 01-08-2011 02:51

Matte Black over NP3?
Is it possible to apply some kind of matte black finish over NP3 on the outside only of a slide? Perhaps Cerakote, or Duracote? Something which wouldn't require an application 'bath'? And if so, would it require any special prep?

I'm considering buying a Glock from an associate, which has the barrel, slide, and internals coated in NP3. I like the idea of NP3's lubricity on the internal parts, but I'm not a fan of the two-tone look... Extreme longevity and corrosion resistance are not a concern; the NP3 provides plenty of protection, and I wouldn't mind if the black had to be touched up periodically, as long as it were not seriously chipping or flaking.

Any info, advice, or experience with such would be appreciated!

RobarGuns 01-13-2011 15:31

The teflon component of NP3 gives it it's self-lubricating properties, and also means that nothing will stick to it. Great for easy clean up, not so good for applying another finish over it. Anything you put on it will come right off again.

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