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thisaway 06-27-2007 19:20

What do you carry for CCW?
This poll has been posted per a request from GT user "Fox". Just looking for the basic info for comparison, but if you wish, you may share make/model/calibre/etc. Thanks!

bocephus549 06-27-2007 19:25

I carry both depending on the situation.

umc 06-27-2007 19:41

EDC is a Glock 27.

bac1023 06-27-2007 19:42

I have a couple dozen handguns, but mostly carry my G33 or Bersa Thunder 380. During the winter, I sometimes carry my G19. During the hottest days, I'll carry a pocket gun, such as my Beretta Tomcat.

ElevatedThreat 06-27-2007 19:51

Always a S&W 640 or 642 -- either as a back-up to my trusty G22, or as a primary, with a KT P-3AT as backup (depending on the situation and where I am working).

Have been known to carry all 3!

(Paranoid? No, just the nature of my job.)


The_Gun_Guru 06-27-2007 20:37

Taurus 85 Total Titanium .38 in Pager Pal holster.

IWB holster sometimes, but prefer PP!

Letner 06-27-2007 20:40

G22 or my G23

vincent63 06-27-2007 21:11

sig 220 or hk p7

Lionel Mandrake 06-27-2007 21:22

Smith and Wesson (Airweight) J frame .38+P with Speer Gold dots....

Or if its winter.. whatever I can fit under my coat... (G17)

Azjeeper 06-27-2007 21:27

primary ccw gun is a glock 23 backup is a J frame. now more so the J frame since its freaken hot out!

itstime 06-27-2007 21:29

I carry both. There should be a third option here I guess. One or the other and sometimes both at the same time.

carbofan21 06-27-2007 22:34

glock 27

UrbanCowboy 06-27-2007 23:02

I carry a stainless H&K USPc 9mm with a V1(5.5#) LEM conversion.

hogship 06-28-2007 00:09


Originally posted by bocephus549
I carry both depending on the situation.
Me too, but I'd have to say I carry an auto 99% of the time, so my vote was auto.


Quiet 06-28-2007 01:48

Glock Model 30
Glock Model 39
Kel-Tec P-32

Glolt20-91 06-28-2007 02:13

Depends on the situation, sometimes double or triple carry.


Chuck TX 06-28-2007 03:02

Always an auto. Either a HK USP45f, G20, or a 1911. Occasionally a Kel-Tec P3AT.

Outnumbered 06-28-2007 04:31

HK P2000 9mm LEM.

Geeorge 06-28-2007 04:35

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Started in 1979 with a 4in model 19 smith.Then switched to auto's back and forth.

For the last two years it has been a model 65 smith with a 2in barrel

I keep a glock 26 secured in my truck for a backup weapon;)

GroovedG19 06-28-2007 05:32

Glock model 17 since 2003.

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