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pm666 01-23-2011 10:28

how many yards is considered long-range?
How many yards defines long-range shooting w/some degree of accuracy ( I guess target hits)? I know it depends on the shooter, but the rifle itself would have a lot to do with it as well. Is there a medium range and a short range rifle? Would 100 yards be considered a short range rifle?

ps: as if you can't tell, I don't know anything about this stuff.

Zak Smith 01-24-2011 13:10

It really depends on who is talking. Some people think 200 yards is long range.

For the purpose of rifles in the .308-.260-.300-.7mm class, I consider 300-600 to be mid range and 600-1200 to be long range, beyond that, extended or ultra long range. Shorter than 300 close range.

pm666 01-25-2011 19:28

That's interesting. I knew that was a difficult question! I'm hoping you can answer a few more specific questions. How far can a stock M1 Garand shoot with accuracy? How about a Springfield M1A? An Ak47? and finally a Kel-Tec Su-16C (carbine) which from what I understand is similar to a Mini-14? If you have a link or website that has this info, I'll look it up. I've searched to some degree and I haven't found and specifications/distances for these rifles. I know it all depends on the shooter and calibre, etc. but like you provided in your first answer there has to be some sort of range (real world data). Maybe what I'm searching for doesn't exist?
Thanks again...I've read many of your replies in this forum and you are incredibly knowledgeable.

Zak Smith 01-25-2011 19:50

The question is almost meaningless. If a rifle/ammo combination can shoot 1 MOA at 100 yards, it can mechanically do the same at any distance out to its maximum ballistic potential, provided the shooter can compensate for wind effects. The maximum ballistic potential is determined by the bullet's BC and the muzzle velocity (along with environmental factors).

So there are two parts-- how accurate is the rifle with the ammo in question; and what are the ballistics of the bullet/mv combination.

The maximum potential accurate distance is usually where the velocity drops down to 1200-1300 fps, some more, some less. But this is past the range at which the cartridge has a reasonable level of performance.

If you decide that a 175 SMK launched at 2650 fps has a certain amount of drop range and wind drift at 800 yards, and make that the "cut line", then you can run the ballistic calculator (e.g. JBM online) with other loads or cartridges to see at what distance they have the same drop or wind drift. That will be an approximate point of equivalency.

pm666 01-25-2011 20:01

I apologize. I admit I have no clue.
Thanks for your help...I'll check out JBM.

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