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lucky-gunner 01-28-2011 13:13

CCI .22 LR ammo
Avoid frustration with .22 LR ammo by purchasing high quality CCI ammo. If you have a finicky 22 and want to get ammo that will work every time. Try out some CCI Mini-Mags. Designed for positive cycling and accuracy. If you have any questions please contact me and have a safe weekend.

Link - CCI .22 LR ammo
Quantity - 100 rounds (100 rounds per plastic box)
Manufacturer - CCI (Mini-Mag)
Bullets - 36 grain copper-plated hollow-point (CPHP)
Casings - Rimfire-primed brass

ReloadN4Glock 03-20-2013 10:48

Lucky Gunner, Do you guys have a store in Knoxville where customers can pickup ammo? ...I think I already know that the answer is NO, but I live in the area and wanted to be sure. That would be a great addition to your business.

Also, I can't wait until you guys get more .22LR in stock


brisk21 03-20-2013 14:17

Maybe I will when the price gouging by all these online companies stops.

CigarandScotch 03-20-2013 14:42

I agree; that's my favorite .22 ammo of all. Clean, reliable, and accurate. Some match ammo is better for accuracy, but it is costly and dirty. CCI is just too hard to find right now, so unfortunately I have large quantities of Remington and Winchester (which pale by comparison).

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