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gmccntryboy 01-28-2011 18:50

problem, pls help
Ever since the change I no longer have permission to view the want ads. When I click on the link I get this: gmccntryboy, you do not have permission to access this page. It was working before, and I have bought a couple of items from GT with no problems. I have emailed GT 3 diffrent times but no one has responded. Maybe if a moderator sees this I can get it cleared up. Thanks...

Jason D 01-30-2011 16:32

It might have something to do with your low post count.

gmccntryboy 02-06-2011 10:12

So whats the post count? How many do you need?

Jason D 02-06-2011 16:22

I know that on some forums that use this software a certain number of posts need to be made in order to unlock some features.

It could be as little as 20 posts, or as many as 50 or so. It depends on what this forum is set at. Eric is quite busy and cannot always answer messages to him. Mrs VR is an admin here that can probably help you out. Try contracting her via PM.

gmccntryboy 02-21-2011 16:58

I cant seem to do anything but read posts right now. I tryed to look up MrsVR in the contacts list and got this message:Sorry! The administrator has disabled the list of members. At this point I dont know what to do or what I could have done.

Jason D 03-19-2011 16:33

Glock Fever 03-24-2011 18:26

Are you sure you are logged in? That happened to me when I dumped all my cookies from the computer and came along a post I wanted to reply to and got the same message. I looked up and saw that I was not logged in.

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