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hogfish 01-29-2011 18:24

S&W Model 58
Hi! I just got a Model 58, 4" chromed. Seems to be in great condition; less than .005" between wheel/barrel. Shot a few rounds through it today and am very happy with it. Don't know date of manufacture, or if it even matters, but the Serial # on it is 505xx.
What I need is a holster recomendation. I've been looking, both online and at a gun show, but haven't been able to find the right one. Here's what I'm looking for: GOOD RETENTION and ZERO/LOW NOISE while unsnapping thumb strap (if it has one). Color, material, etc., are of little consequence. It would be used exclusively for hunting, so conceilability also doesn't matter.
Now, from what I understand, this is a 'beefed-up' N-Frame, so maybe a holster for a regular N-Frame will not work? :dunno:

So, any Model 58 owners around who can help me here? :wavey:


ArtCrafter 01-29-2011 21:46

Chrome: If it has the original finish, then it's nickel, not chrome.

S/N 505xx: This appears to be an assembly number (usually found inside the yoke, among other locations). The S/N is on the bottom of the grip frame.

Field Holster: Milt Sparks #200AW

'Beefed-up' N-Frame: If you mean a 'new' Model 58 like this one, then no worries: Your gun should fit the vast majority of holsters made for N-frame S&Ws with 4-inch barrels. (Most likely all of them, but you never know...) Same for older M58s, too, since the so-called 'endurance package' is largely comprised of essentially internal changes to the frame/design.

HTH :wavey:

Berto 01-29-2011 21:57

Yeah, the Mod 58 is an N frame revolver and will fit any holster for N frames like the 25/625, 29/629 and 57/657. Yours is simple a fixed sight N frame in .41mag...and a damn nice revolver. Congrats.

G33 01-30-2011 01:54

Sounds familiar.
SN of originals should start with S or N.
New clue.

hogfish 01-30-2011 05:21

You're right about the s/n; it's N178xxx. Interesting that the shop I bought this at didn't know this, and my paper work has the 505xxx number. :wow:
Thanks for the Milt Sparks suggestion; looks to be exactly what I need.
This is my 1st ever revolver, so I'll probably be back with more questions, especially concerning reloading, but that would be in that particular forum. For here, is there an 'owner's manual' of sorts that you would recomend?

Thanks, all.

ArtCrafter 01-30-2011 07:45

Glad to be of help. :wavey:


According to the 'book,' N178xxx corresponds to roughly 1972-1974, but the best way - some would say the only way - to date your gun is to request a factory letter. This service is available from S&W, but at some cost.

Serial Numbers vs. Assembly Numbers

Regarding the S/N-Assy. No. mixup at your dealer, this has happened several times during transactions I have witnessed; it's a pretty common mistake. Most dealers cheerfully accept being gently corrected on this, but I have seen exceptions (in which case, I simply defer to their 'authority').

As a general rule, the S/N always appears on the bottom of the grip frame of S&W revolvers. There are exceptions, of course, but those few are usually considered 'rare' collector's items.


Owner's manuals are freely available on the S&W website, but most (if not all...) are not model-specific. For example, they pretty much have just one 'manual' for all revolvers.

Original manuals can occasionally be found at GunBroker, various dealers, etc. It might take some looking, but they usually don't cost very much.

Example: SMITH & WESSON MODEL 58 MANUAL on eBay (Buy It Now is only $18 shipped...)

HTH :wavey:

hogfish 01-30-2011 09:39

Thanks, AC. Picked up some powder/primers at the gun show this morning, but skipped on bullets since I couldn't find anything above 210gr.


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