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PATRICE 02-01-2011 16:17


Burien 02-01-2011 16:56

If it has a single primer hole, (boxer primer) and it will not attract a magnet than yes it will reload.

Just dont try and get extream high preassure loads out of brass that has been fired more than a few times especially out of a factory Glock barrel.

I reloaded plenty of nickle plated brass cases with no issues. When you see a small crack in the brass then scrap (recycle) it.

Meathead9 02-01-2011 17:18

I have reloaded a bunch of the nickel plated UMC brass, so yes you're good to go. I did try to size some 10mm UMC brass into 9x25 Dillon, but 3 out of 5 cases split at the neck when I belled them. They seem to be more brittle than the Starline brass I have, but all my UMC nickel cases have been reloaded 3 times with 180gr FMJ/9.2gr Longshot and still look great.

PATRICE 02-01-2011 17:42


Taterhead 02-01-2011 18:02

It has been good brass and has given as many rounds as any other reload. I have not seen any flaking. One split length-wise in my re-sizer. The extent of case life has been limited to shrinking below minimum length rather than any issues with the playing. I've worked with several hundred over the years.

Load away. they work fine.

PATRICE 02-01-2011 23:49


DWARREN123 02-02-2011 02:44

After awhile the nickle flakes off, flakes off faster the hotter you load them. I like R-P brand brass for reloading the 40 S&W, it has given me less problems than any other brand.
I have used it for 10mm but like Starline better.
Nickle brass does not seem to last as long as plain brass but I believe the nickling process hardens the brass.

robert91922 02-02-2011 13:49

I found Remington UMC nickel plated brass to be great for reloading. Shooting once those mild Remington loads is just a preliminar test for eventual material errors :cool:

MakeMineA10mm 02-03-2011 16:59

I sure hope I can reload it, since I've got 10,000 pieces of it looking up at me from the storage bin... :supergrin: :supergrin:

It's true that the nickel doesn't last as long, and the nickel does flake off eventually, but I got such a good price on this stuff, that I couldn't pass it by... If I ever go through it all, I'll replace it with brass-colored brass.

I will say that there was SOME R-P brass that did not work well. I have a couple hundred rounds of it that I've consistently gotten mis-fires out of. It is easily idetified by the 45ACP size headstamp on it (the top half of the letters "R" and "P" and the bottom 1/3 of the "10mm Auto" marking is gone, because the case's rim wasn't as wide as the headstamp die). Those I would avoid, but those were like the first couple lots of 10mm brass that Remington made back in the 80s, so it should be pretty rare nowadays.

OhioGlockMan 02-10-2011 09:56

You sure can and it's premium quality brass. I reload the brass from my fired remington UMC factory ammo next to nickel brass from double tap and they both seem identical in quality and fit and finish to me.

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