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GlockGuru182 02-19-2011 18:22

Winchester 1897 holes
I'm refinishing my grandfather's 97t in memory of him. Back in the day he got rid of the heat shield and bayonet lug, drilled/tapped the receiver and added a scope/mount to hunt deer. I want to get a repro heatshield/bayonet lug and take the scope off, but there are ugly holes left behind. Is there a way to fill these holes? Would I have to get a MIG welder and park the entire gun? I need some advice. Thanks guys!

RobarGuns 03-09-2011 13:22

The right way is to weld up the holes and refinish the entire receiver. Be aware that you might get some variations in the shade of the finish due to the heat applied during welding.

Wakko 09-01-2011 19:33

You COULD cut the head off a couple screws, insert them, and use a little filler (silver solder might work, black epoxy, JB weld). They will be noticable, but close enough for government work. As far as the heat shield, make sure you age it to match the finish on the shotgun. There's a thread on Surplus Rifles about it.

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