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mdt62 02-21-2011 13:27

5.7 x 28mm usage
I'm a little new to this caliber and looking to learn from those who have actully fired it. I know many LEO around the world are using this, which should be testimate enough, but how does 5.7 stack up as a defensive caliber? Where does it rank among the more common calibers? School me.

mdt62 02-22-2011 16:35


STLGLK 02-26-2011 20:49

One of the most accurate with lack of recoil rounds you'll ever fire! Love my PS90 and Five-seveN. You may want to check out a couple of the FN or Five-seveN forums for more info.

TN.Frank 03-16-2011 09:33

Seems like it fills the roll where the 9x19mm isn't quite enough but the 5.56x45mm is a bit too much. I'd love to have a PS90 and Five-seveN set, think that'd be the peak of the "cool" factor for modern guns.

NG VI 03-24-2011 23:20

I don't think that many law enforcement agencies are using it, but it's pretty cool. Good for someone who needs a little more point-blank range than your typical pistol caliber but doesn't want the size, weight, or blast of a full-on .223.

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