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Eric 02-24-2011 18:59

Changelog: Changes I have Made To The Want Ads System
This forum will be used by me to log changes I have made to the new system, based on feedback and suggestions I get from all of you. Please check here periodically, to watch the progress.

Eric 02-24-2011 18:59

Changed Ad Options Drop-Down List
The options to change/edit your ads was called 'Product Options', which I thought was a bit vague. I changed that to 'Ad Options'. You will find this drop-down list in the upper-right corner of your ad.

In this drop-down list were a number of options, such as editing/deleting your ad, editing your ad and marking your ad as sold. These options were represented by small icons, which I found confusing and a bit cryptic. I have replaced those icons with text links. This should make life easier for everyone. Eric

Eric 02-25-2011 13:52

I have moved the side column of the software from the left side to the right. I believe that this will make the listings viewing more like it was. Eric

Eric 02-25-2011 20:31

OK, it is now possible to send a private message from an ad listing. There are now 'Email Seller' and 'PM Seller' text links beside the members' profile info, if you are logged in.

The PM link will open in a new tab or new window, depending on what browser you are using. I am doing this because there is no easy way to navigate you back to the ad, after sending the PM, and I don't want to steer you away from the ad you are interested in.

Please let me know if you have any trouble using this new feature. Eric

Eric 02-26-2011 21:44

I have changed the default number of listings viewed in categories to 50. Eric

Eric 03-01-2011 01:08

OK, I have done several related changes:

I have set up the state dropdown list so that it is mandatory. I have added Canadian provinces and other US territories and such as well. The two-digit code for the state or territory now displays beside the picture of an ad, in the category indexes.

I have also added an 'Ad Type' drop-down list, which is also mandatory. The four options are: Wanted To Sell (WTS), Wanted To Trade (WTT), Wanted To Sell or Trade (WTST) and Wanted To Buy (WTB). The abbreviation for the ad type now displays beside the state or territory abbreviation, in the category indexes.

I have eliminated the Wanted To Buy Category. It will now be possible to post a WTB ad in any of the other categories. More on why I did this, in a bit. Before, deleting the WTB category, I moved all the ads to the Firearms category. I figured most of them belonged there anyway. I did run into a problem though.

I changed the Ad Type of the WTB listings to 'WTB' before moving them, but then I overwrote their Ad Types inadvertantly, when I changed the Ad Type of all the other listings to 'WTS'. Sorry about that. I'm late and it's tired.:supergrin: I fixed all the ones on the first page of firearms listings, but the rest will need to be edited by their owners, to correct the Ad Type.

You will see that no thumbnail image of any type apprears next to a WTB ad, even if you ad images. The overwhelming majority of such ads will not have images and not having the 'No Thumbnail' image beside every WTB ad will reduce the clutter of 'No Thumbnail' images in the index and it will help the WTB ads stand out a bit.

When you post a WTB ad, you will now use the same form as you would when you are selling something. Just ignore the fields that don't apply to a WTB listing.


I decided to mix the WTB ads in with everything ele for several reasons: Miost importantly, the WTB category doesn't get as much traffic as the others, so many people would post WTB listings in there anyway. The WTB ads will get more exposure now that everything is merged.

More importantly though, my next mod will be change the category listings so that you can filter listings by state and/or one or more of the Ad Types. This is going to give the buyer a lot of control over how he views the listings. This feature will be up in the next couple of days.


If you have an existing ad and edit it, you will not be able to ave the changes without setting the State and Ad Type fields, even if you had set the State field when you originally posted the ad. In order to make this work, I had to change the way the program asked for and stored the State data and this orphaned the state value for all pre-existing ads. I am sorry about this, but there is no easy way to get that info copied over from where it was stored before and I have quite a bit on my plate right now.

I urge everyone with existing ads to do a quick edit on their ads. This will make the ads more user-friendly to potential buyers. Also, when I have added the State/Ad Type filters to the category listings, if you don't have these to fields filled in, your ad will not appear when someone uses these filters. Editing an ad only takes a few seconds. The two fields in question are near the bottom of the ad editing form.


These changes go a long way towards correcting one of the many shortcomings, both of this software and of the classified ad system hosted on the message boards. Other changes that will come will be built on this and other core modifications I am working on now.

I will post more info, when I've progressed further. Eric

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