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Krimlin 03-16-2011 10:54

I just wanted to check by with an expert here on what I have so far:

I'm applying for my Type 7 FFL with a Class 2 SOT.

I've been on the phone with the ATF field offices/NFA branch for the past 2 days, and here's what I have:

I've checked with the state and there's no regulations for having the business at my home

Still waiting on the city I live in. (checking on code enforcement)

Apply for Type 7 FFL (Takes around 60 days)
(Get inspected and approved)

Apply for my Class 2 SOT (ATF form 5630.7) pay $500 tax stamp
(Another inspection/aprrovial)

Then I'm good to go?

Zak Smith 03-17-2011 14:10

You need to have the state/local business licenses, tax, and any zoning things straightened out. There might be an "environmental impact statement".

The FFL will probably take more than 60 days. Ours took more like 6 months.

If you will be manufacturing any item on the ITAR Arms List, you need to register with the State Dept (and pay).

Other than that, you essentially have it.

Krimlin 03-19-2011 06:00

Ok thanks!

I've checked with my city and the business out of my home is a no go so I'm on the hunt for a office/store front.

Do you know if I happen to have a store front am I required to keep the NFA/III weapons on site or can I store them at home?

Zak Smith 03-19-2011 18:15

They will check for your safe/secure storage on-site during the inspection. If they are not at the FFL's premises, they better be logged out to a person who has authorization to possess them temporarily.

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