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Guatariccan 03-17-2011 16:17

RDS mount position question?
I recently purchased an Aimpoint PRO and after trying it out I realized my eye catches the dot better when I place the cross-bar of the QRP2 in the farthest forward slot on my BCM upper. The front of the mount hangs slightly over the end of the rail and the delta ring, but feels just as solid as when it is flush with the end of the rail.

My question is will mounting it this way cause any future problems? What I mean is, is it any less a "solidly" mounted than making it flush with top rail? I'd like to attend a carbine class in the future and it's going to be used a lot as my ranch carbine, so I'd hate for the way I mounted it to be my weak link so to speak. Sorry so long and thanks in advance. :wavey:

8541/9999 03-18-2011 14:22

What position are you trying this from standing siting and prone are all going to be requirements in a decent carbine course. so make sure you can use it. you must see your dot clearly and quickly in all positions. So do you have an adjustable butt stock? If so what position is it in while sighting? First fit the buttstock to you your length of pull cheek weld etc. then try mounting the red dot in different positions. I would think that you can find a position you can see the red dot clearly and it should fit on the upper receiver flush with the end of the pic rail not over it above the slip ring.

Guatariccan 03-18-2011 17:10

Thanks for the reply! I've tried it standing, kneeling, and sitting but not prone on my side or flat on my stomach and see it fine. I have an adj. CTR stock that I usually run fully extended, but also practice with it collapsed, nose to CH, and see it fine in the overhang position. I'll give it a try flush with the pic rail and see if I can just adjust my shouldering to overcome those few times I totally miss the dot. In the overhang position I pick it up 100% of the time. I don't know if being 6'8" has anything to do with it, but what do you think? In your opinion is there anything "wrong" with the overhang of the mount from a durability standpoint?

8541/9999 03-21-2011 08:23

Well Im sure the Aimpoint engineers who designed the mount thought about maximum stability when they designed it. I ms ure being 6 foot 8 has alot to do with your body mechanics and how your adjusting to the weapon. I would go with what you have hanging over unit some company makes an aftermarket product for this scope that has a shorter mount.

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