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canoesmith 04-03-2011 15:21

Well, I bought that Colt Huntsman from the Pawn Shop
I just completely stripped and cleaned and fired it - and it is in even better shape than I thought - doesn't appear to be shot much. And while the bottom edge of one grip is dinged up, there isn't a mark on the frame associated with the grip damage, so I do not know what the previous owner was doing with it - pounding the grip edge on a hard object of some kind. Also, I have attached the picture of the SS# that was poorly inscribed into the front strap. I have not decided what to do with this yet, but I will lightly sand the grips to remove the damage and refinish - I will have to think on the front strap of the grip. But I intend it primarily for pop can destruction.

The rest of the gun is pristine. I had some advice to make it a parts gun, that it was junk and worth a hundred dollars - but that was without pics - I paid $250 for it. I am very happy with my purchase - and another Colt goes into the stable

HotRoderX 04-03-2011 15:35

It don't look bad at all and for 250 I taken my chance on it also.

Just make sure you go out and shoot it unlike previous owner who thought it was a hammer

As far as the front grip goes do you think you can maybe sand it down using light grain sandpaper. The SS# does not look like it was in graved that deep. Maybe just light sanding to make it a little smoother then refinish it might cause that to disappear.

canoesmith 04-03-2011 15:43

I agree, the front strap with super light grit should do it as the engraving is only into the finish, not the frame. Or I might wimp out and just put a strip of grip tape on the front strap to cover it and enhance my grip. We will see. Otherwise the guns finish is perfect - and the grips we will just work on. Thanks for your comments.

Free Radical 04-03-2011 16:08

Good price on a great little pistol. I have thousands and thousands of rounds through mine with nary a hiccup.

deadite 04-03-2011 18:57

Nice grab! I love Colt rimfires!

Btw, personally, I would just leave the SS# on the front strap. You might make it worse.


PzGren 04-03-2011 21:08

You got a very nice pistol for the price!

The finish does not appear to be polished but blasted, if you sand the grip frame and then reblue it, it will look different. If you have access to a sandblasting cabinet you can prepare the steel properly and then rust blue the bare spot.

While rust blueing works great to repair smaller spots, the blueing might be of a slightly different color.

Deadite's suggestion to just leave it as it is, is not a bad one.

DJ Niner 04-03-2011 22:56

I think you got a great deal on a shooter-grade gun.

The grip damage is consistent with what I've seen from guns carried in a holster; if the former owner was left-handed, the left side grip is the one that ends up hanging out in space and will get banged against doorframes, bumped by closing vehicle doors, etc.

Any sign of holster wear on the sides of the barrel at the muzzle? I couldn't tell from the pics you posted.

In any case, nice find! :thumbsup:

98_1LE 04-04-2011 00:04

Smoking deal IMO.

HotRoderX 04-04-2011 23:23

Canoe I remember you talking about possibly using tape to cover up that serial number. Will I was playing around on VZ website trying to decide what grips I wanna get when I noticed that they had the perfect solution for ya. I got a feeling these are way more durable then tape and will look way more professional

steve1911 04-05-2011 00:28

Very nice!


canoesmith 04-05-2011 19:46

I just put 300 rounds through the Huntsman....
...and that is the sweetest shooting thing I have ever shot. I've had and do have several .22 pistols and revolvers but this puts them all to shame. So much fun. BEST thing I have bought in a Looooong time.

HotRoderX 04-05-2011 19:48

Very awsome to here gotta love when things like that work out better then expected.

canoesmith 04-05-2011 19:56

Hotrodr, I did learn that Blazer .22 long rifle doesn't work well in her, as the rimfire strike was too light to get that crap to work flawlessly. But good Winchester and even the federal 550 box was perfect. That Huntsman is so accurate. Truly An amazing weapon. $250. Now I need another one.... For my wife.

deadite 04-05-2011 20:57

Try CCI Standard Velocity in it. I bet it will be very accurate. :)


canoesmith 04-06-2011 13:49

So I walked into a small store in eastern AZ that has a gun counter...
...and they had an early series Colt Woodsman in like new condition with box and papers. $900 Yikes! :wow: Seems like a lot after I got my Huntsman for $250. Thoughts?

1 old 0311 04-06-2011 13:50

Man that just KILLS me. All I find at Pawn Shops is Kel Tecs, and High Points.:crying:

deadite 04-06-2011 16:40


Originally Posted by canoesmith (Post 17174217)
...and they had an early series Colt Woodsman in like new condition with box and papers. $900 Yikes! :wow: Seems like a lot after I got my Huntsman for $250. Thoughts?

That does sound like alot. I got mine without box or papers for several hundred less than that a few weeks back at a gunshow.


canoesmith 04-06-2011 18:35

1 old
The funny thing is, I saw it in the pawn shop and I walked away. I came home and did my research including this forum and went back the second day wearing my Colt cap. The guy remembered me, and the negotiations began. I could have lost it by leaving, I was lucky it was still there, but the pawn shop crowd, at least in the Phoenix area, are all interested in Keltecs, and Glocks. None of these people who buy a gun from a pawnshop in Phoenix take a hike in the woods and can appreciate a Huntsman. He said it had been in the shop for about a month.

I was lucky. I just ordered a used Woodsman Colt magazine off of gunbroker for 24 dollars. I have a new old stock Hunter holster on it's way....I am close to being all set.

ca survivor 09-25-2012 05:19

Very nice!

oceanwarrior 09-26-2012 01:14

Love them Woodsman pistols!!!!

I own 3 match targets and 2 sport models,guns of a bygone era made completely of steel and with great triggers from the factory.

If you get a chance to fondle a 2nd generation Woodsman,
check out the magazine release button.
It's the same one used on Colt M-1911's!


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