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reerc 04-05-2011 22:17

Cobra Pistols
I'd like to consider supporting a local manufacturer ... but I'm having a hard time being impressed.

Anyone have any experiences, good or bad?


gsr 04-20-2011 15:24

I'm not an owner of any Cobra products at the moment, but I did check out their products at the last SHOT Show. Their Shadow .38 Special revlovers look nice.

JK-linux 04-20-2011 15:44


jamesbe2759 05-11-2011 15:13

Cobra Experience.
I own a .22 LR derringer I bought used. Took it to the factory for new grips and they went through the gun completely. Added new parts, cleaned it. etc. NO CHARGE. Well made guns, nice people, right price.


gsr 05-12-2011 06:10

I'm glad to hear they support their products.

1 old 0311 05-12-2011 10:18

I own a .38 Cobra derringer. Light, VERY well built, easy to handle, as reliable as a machine can be. I carry mine often.

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