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WA Glocker 04-09-2011 02:19

Suppressor on G17L?
Hi there :wavey:I want to put a suppressor on my Glock 17L.

I've kind of befriended a guy at the local shop/range that wants to help me get a can on it. This will be my first can ever The gun will be suppressor ready in a couple of weeks (threaded barrel, adjustable sights that will clear a can) but I know it'll be months at the very least til I'll actually have a can in my possession regardless. I've decided i want to get the "latest and greatest" swr octane 9 can whenever I can get my hands on one, lead times appear long no mater what though. :(

Anyway, to my question: I basically just want to know the logistics of having a can on a 17L and I can't find any in searches online and I thought the expert might know. I'm looking for it to cycle reliably and I have seen mixed reviews on how to make this work on a 34 (The closest I could find to the 17L). Some say all you need is a fixed mount, some say nielsen device, some say recoil spring. I was just wondering if you had any experience with any of the long slides suppressed and could shed light on this for me. Basically, I want to know if I should buy a recoil booster, and/or what problems i might expect/things i might need to do in getting a 17L to function with a can.

My thoughts (COMPLETELY FWIW, I'm a total noob, you're the expert):
I'm thinking maybe the extra barrel length will help reliability in the 17L. From what I can tell in Glocks and other models the longer the barrel the more reliably they will cycle. Most of the platforms that people claim make a good "host" for reliable function are full frame pistols with longer barrels (HK USP9SD, Sig P226, Beretta 92). I could see 2 reasons for this:
1. The longer barrels do not tilt upward nearly as much while the gun cycles, so the barrel is not straining as hard to lift the added weight of the can.
2. The added velocity helps the pistol cycle more reliably.

Based mainly on reason #1 I am leaning towards thinking the gun will reliably cycle with fixed threads. The barrel on my 17L cams upward maybe 2-3* maximum (I didn't measure, just visibly). I would also like to avoid a recoil booster if possible after reading about how they can cause baffle strikes. But again those could just be horror stories for all I know. It is also going to be cheaper, lighter, and less bulky to just go with a fixed thread. I know most Glocks require a booster for reliability reasons, but there is just not much info at all about longslides.

I think what this whole thing boils down to is recoil booster or not?

Thank you so much for putting up with incredibly long winded question :embarassed:

Zak Smith 04-11-2011 12:57

You want a suppressor that has a Nielsen device aka booster. It is the most reliable way to make any Browning tilt-style pistol work with a suppressor.

WA Glocker 04-11-2011 15:11

Thank you!

It seems like the recoil booster is a little more expensive, but is most likely going to be a "one and done" solution. Thanks again for your advice!

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