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jdavionic 04-14-2011 19:36

Antibiotics - pet supplies?
I seem to have encountered a Catch 22 when considering medical supplies. If I presently do not require antibiotics, then I have no way to acquire them for a time when I might need them where getting to a doctor may not be possible. And doctors do not want to randomly prescribe antibiotics for a person to store, make their own assessment of what is needed, how much, and take the antibiotic.

So with that said, I often see posts that talk about getting medicine manuals and using various pet supplies (e.g., fish antibiotics) as a means to have an antibiotic on hand.

Is there a book or somewhere to get good reference material on a) is this even a reasonable / responsible option, b) if not, what are better options, c) if so, what to buy, where to buy it, and how & when to use it?

JC Refuge 04-15-2011 07:07

Good questions.

First--there are doctors out there who will prescribe antibiotics to preppers. Don't be afraid to ask your doctor and to approach other doctors until you find someone who understands your needs. And yes, veterinary antibiotics can be used as well.

I'm going to provide you with several links here.

Have a look at this 10-minute video, "Top 5 Antibiotics for SHTF Storage":

I find that Survivalblog, by Jim Rawles, is often an excellent resource. In this case, after reading your question, I was reminded of a few posts that would interest you ...

Seven Antibiotics to Stockpile and Why, by C. Koelker, M.D.:

Herbal Medicine for Preppers:

A Surgeon's Advice to Preppers:

A Doctor's View of TEOTWAWKI:

As for a medical reference book--The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy is a must have:

Another must have book, "Where There is No Doctor":

Also, "When There is No Doctor":

jdavionic 04-16-2011 18:45

Thanks! I've got all 3 books on order and will be going through the blog links that you provided. The Merck manual varied greatly in price, but I went with the 18th edition.

Thanks again.

JC Refuge 04-20-2011 06:16

A GTer PMed me this comment/suggestion:

My wife and I got scripts for z-packs for our 2.5 week trip down the Grand Canyon. Others could tell their MD that they are doing any activity in remote locations and be much more likely to get a "just in case" script for those activities. ... Suggesting medications that they have taken before without complications will make the MD feel safer about prescribing.

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