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Acemedic1 06-09-2011 18:21

Hospital workers/scrub pants carry?
Hey everybody, I have yet another question for the ccw holders out there. I am a Paramedic/RN and will be starting a job in the hospital soon. I have looked and asked all around and my particular hospital does not have a posted weapons policy, at least that I have found yet. I was wondering how many of yall carry inside your hospital, and if you do what ideas you may have for concealed carry while wearing thin scrub uniforms.

Acujeff 06-09-2011 19:10

I like a small - medium fanny pack. Scrubs don't have a lot of pockets so regular fanny packs are common in hospital settings. You can wear, or even put on or remove, a fanny pack and your weapon is completely concealed.

I recommend the Bagmaster Ambidextrous Fanny Pack. It’s a snap and loop (velcro) and comes in three sizes. It lies flatter and looks smaller than zippered packs. Easier and faster to access under stress, it doesn’t snag and doesn't flop over your legs when drawing. You can use the 2 large front pockets for extra work stuff. Has a lifetime warranty too - they replace it free when it wears out. click link for Fanny and Belt Packs

Daryl in Az 06-09-2011 19:15

My state prohibits carry in any secure care facility.

All the hospitals I've visited have been posted. In fact, I got "frisked" by hospital security once for having an empty holster. I'd left my carry gun in the vehicle, but was in a hurry because my father was dying, and so didn't remove the holster.

Ok, it also had something to do with my dad's really freaky wife telling them I had a gun on me. She wanted to get me arrested, and tried various things without success.

She really is a freak. Always has been, and always will be.


Acemedic1 06-09-2011 19:36

Thanks for that tip acujeff, I have not thought about the possibility of carrying off of my body in a pack or pouch. Daryl, I hate that for you, hopefully I am not missing something.

Rick O'Shay 06-09-2011 19:42

S.C. prohibits firearms in ANY medical treatment facility. So, moot point here.

collim1 06-09-2011 20:16

Belly Band.

100% concealment and retention is a must, your job could depend on it.

Acemedic1 06-10-2011 08:49

hmm belly band huh, how comfortable are those things?

MrVvrroomm 06-10-2011 09:57

fanny pack

dregotglock 06-10-2011 10:07

for your particular needs you may benefit from a belly band or a concealment shirt (glockstore has both). I did not like the belly band because I need to be able to reholster one handed if needed. The concealment shirt (I have no first hand experience with) my friend has and swears by it. He works in the oil and gas industry on frac tanks and they are in some very secluded areas - just feels better knowing his firearm is under his left arm 12-18 hours at a time.

collim1 06-10-2011 10:46


Originally Posted by Acemedic1 (Post 17474024)
hmm belly band huh, how comfortable are those things?

About like an ankle holster.

It will feel like an attached unborn fetus for a few weeks, but after that you will forget its there.

Bill Lumberg 06-10-2011 11:45

Nothing beats an internal belt. A glock sport holster and wilderness tactical or similar belt worn over the boxers and t-shirt. Comfortable. Stable. Invisible. Not sure it's a good idea for a nurse, but it could be.

Donn57 06-10-2011 11:46

In general, hospitals don't like folks carrying guns. I think that posted or not, carrying at work in a hospital is a bad idea unless you're sure that the hospital allows it. Being sure means speaking with the person who will fire you if you're found carrying and it isn't allowed.

up1911fan 06-10-2011 11:57

Can't carry in a hospital in MI, however I think a bellyband or ankle holster would work well.

dosei 06-10-2011 14:42

SmartCarry / Thunderwear / 3Speed

Acemedic1 06-10-2011 19:32

some good ideas fellows, thanks. I agree Donn57, but I am not sure how I am gonna go about asking just yet. I may try and feel out some coworkers first, what do you think?

Darkangel1846 06-11-2011 11:10

Fanny Pack is the best but only for a small handgun like a KelTec .380, or a bodyguard .38. You can never take your fanny pack off at work, never! You may also wish to read all the Hospital policy book that is supposed to be available, as often it is buried in a policy.
Ankle holsters do not work , neither do belly bands. If you have a small fanny pack people do not suspect you might be packing. Getting caught with a CCW is a fireing offence in almost every case. Don't ever tell anyone that you carry.

FatBoy 06-11-2011 11:18


Originally Posted by Bill Lumberg (Post 17474845)
Nothing beats an internal belt. A glock sport holster and wilderness tactical or similar belt worn over the boxers and t-shirt. Comfortable. Stable. Invisible. Not sure it's a good idea for a nurse, but it could be.

I have done this before and it works well, but not for the same reason you are looking for(Hospitals are posted).

beatcop 06-11-2011 17:08

scrubs will print everything....pouches went out in the 80's...belly band or wallet style.

nursetim 06-11-2011 23:51

In the ER I wore a fanny pack, sans heater, for supplies.

Deployment Solu 06-12-2011 06:00

This is one of the ONLY CCW needs that I would actually suggest Thunderwear for.

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