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circa81 07-29-2011 13:50

The trigger
With something like the cylinder-slide treatment, how is the trigger pull and reset on a hi power compared to say a good 1911?

bac1023 08-14-2011 19:58

The HP can get close to a good 1911 with some work.

ca survivor 02-10-2012 08:26

my HP must be defective it's got such a good light trigger :rofl: built in 1989 though

Veedubklown 05-11-2012 19:28

I significantly reduced my trigger travel by welding an over-travel stop to the front of my trigger, then filing it down to fit the frame. Once the sear drops, the trigger stops. The hard part was getting the trigger bar to reset on the sear lever. Came out beautifully though.

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