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bronc25 07-31-2011 12:55

glock 22 gen 4 ?
Bought a barely used glock 22 gen 4 from a guy and he had the crimson trace grips on it, which i don't like, my question is when i take the pin out that held the grips in place I don't have the original pin that goes in the hole. I'm leaving it with on additional grip because it fits better do I have to have that pin in to fire the gun and where can i get a replacement.

JR 07-31-2011 15:36

You can fire the gun without the pin but you can bet it will work flawless with it installed.
See a replacement pin here

bronc25 07-31-2011 15:57

Thanks Jr will order the pin soon but gonna gon shoot it tomorrow, now i gotta find someone to buy those laser grips so i can get more ammo.

bronc25 08-04-2011 06:21

Thanks JR got the pin and a grip plug ordered from you guys today.

JR 08-04-2011 13:47

Now for the range report.... are you any better with a smaller grip?

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