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Duckman1975 08-07-2011 22:32

Glock 22 lone wolf barrel
Hello, I just recently bought a G22 lone wolf barrel for my gen 3 glock 22 so I can shoot reloads.
Just dropped in the lone wolf barrel no fitting what so ever, so far so good after around 300 rounds of reload. I still change to factory barrel when I carry and still shoot and practice with the factory barrel. My question is will it affect the accuracy or reliability or damage the gun if I keep on switch back and forth with the lone wolf barrel and factory barrel. Thanks

PS Sorry for my English its not my first language.

JR 08-09-2011 19:16

You can switch back and forth all you like. No problem!
Your english is fine.... better than some that were raised on it!

Duckman1975 08-09-2011 23:24

Thank you very much for the info! Made my trips to the range much more fun!

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